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We believe, if it is worth doing, it must be done well, full stop

Upon arriving in the UK, It was very noticeable  that most places, sandwich shops and cafes sold everything else except an Authentic Jerk Chicken filling.  This was the catalyst, that helped to formulate our dream – to make the taste of Authentic Jerk products more widely available across the UK, all year round, despite the seasons or weather conditions. 

As more people work from home, the need for convenient high quality food is  increasing and we are here to bring the tantalising taste of Jamaica to your door.

We welcome you, to join us on our journey, as we shape our destiny and make our dream come true.

Innovator, Creator & Director of Alwins Authentic Jerk Chicken Products Ltd

"If a job is worth doing, you must do it well" Mom Joyce

Alwin Bennett

Innovator, Creator & Director of Alwins Authentic Jerk Chicken Products Ltd

"If a job is worth doing, you must do it well" Mom Joyce

Alwin Bennett

Alwin was born and grew up in Kingston Jamaica. In 1986 he was hired as a chef at Coney Park, Ferry, St Catherine, Jamaica,   a theme park venue, that hosted open air concerts. His nightly job of jerking chicken, in the traditional Jamaican jerk pan was very rewarding, because the demand exceeded supply and he would “sell out” his chicken by the end of every night. He was constantly commended for the outstanding quality of his jerk chicken. 

After a short time of living in the UK, he discovered that the true authentic taste of jerk chicken was only available seasonally and he made it his dream to make this taste more widely available. This quest has culminated in the fine products available today.

Our Story Meet The Chefs

In 2010,  the paths of Alwin and Stuart crossed in Birmingham, UK  where an opportunity to make something from nothing was born.  Armed with the skills of beautiful, traditional Jamaican cooking, both decided to collaborate and this alliance resulted in the birth of Alwins Authentic Jerk Products.

From modest beginnings in Birmingham, cold, rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, we started our production.  Today, we operate from industrial premises in Wednesbury West Midlands, where we supply the finest authentic Jamaican food.   

Alwins is fully licensed by Sandwell Council’s Environmental Health Department . We are the first commercially licensed manufacturers of Authentic Jerk Chicken in the West Midlands and possibly the entire UK.

Partner & Co Chef

Stuart Burton

Stuart, Jamaican born and a “foodhead”, started making his own sauce in the late 1980s. He would apply it to the chicken before baking it in the oven. This sauce invention became increasingly popular among family and friends. Over the subsequent years, the reviews and demand for the sauce had increased. 

Stuart migrated to the UK in 1999 and carried with him, his enthusiasm for the culinary arts. The change in location helped to solidify the realisation that this product was of superior quality, as its popularity increased. Following a few adjustments, Alwins Jerk Sauce was born. Both items, chicken and jerk sauce complement each other. 

About Us

To Bring The Taste Of Authentic Jamaican Jerk Products To the People Of The UK And The World. Tantalising The Taste Buds With The Rich Jamaican Flavour At Your Door

At Alwins, we believe in excellence and relentlessly pursue it.  If it is worth doing, it must be done well full stop. We are passionate about good quality Jamaican food.  If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for you!   

We are the only licenced commercial manufacturer of Authentic Jerk Chicken in the UK and pride ourselves in making the best Jerk Products to various spice intensities.  We are uncompromising in our standards, and we are committed to this. 

Taste Authentic Jerk. Your outstanding authentic jerk experience starts here. Always Alwins,  Always Authentic

When you open any Alwins branded products, undoubtedly, you’re getting the best tasting authentic jerk products, small-batch traditionally cooked to perfection and guaranteed to satisfy your taste for jerk. Upon receipt of your purchase, we believe that you will agree with us.  If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you !!

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